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  • Patience to Use: The product is very beautiful, but it requires a little patience when peeling off it. It is recommended that you fold the sticker slightly, hold the sticker with your left hand, and then pick the edge of the sticker with your right hand to easily tear off the sticker.
  • Design: Flower-style packaging includes 80 packs of stickers, enough for daily decoration of notebooks, scrapbooks and more.
  • Perfect Gift: Birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.
  • Fine workmanship: our aesthetic sticker for journaling is made of quality washi material, not easy to fade or break, smooth on surface, comfortable to touch, light in weight, the patterns and words are clear and can keep a long time, serviceable and reliable to use
  • Beautiful stickers kit: the package comes with 6 sets of washi paper stickers in 6 various themes, 50 pieces of each theme, with a total of 300 pieces, the abundant quantity and different styles can fully satisfy your decorating and sharing requirements
  • Versatile application: these aesthetic wall stickers are not only suitable for diaries, journals, calendars, scrapbooks, albums, notebooks, cellphone cases, bottles, gift packages, but also can be applied for making greeting cards, handmade cards, envelopes and so on
  • Size: 160PCS vintage flowers theme stickers for scrapbook, middle size. Easy to use, tear off the background before using and stick it on the surface you want.
  • Design: Beautiful retro flowers design, clear graphics and printing, great for decoration.
  • Satisfied Guarantee: We provide satisfaction guarantee, you can replace new products or get money back if you are not satisfied with them. Contact us if you have any question.
  • Hot Off The Press makes embellishing handmade cards easy and quick with these versatile and high quality collections. No need to glue or tape, just peel off and place. It’s so easy and straightforward, anyone in the family can do it.
  • This unique sticker collection has 500 card making stickers. Each sheet is 4"x9" with 12 total sheets. This set has three distinct script greetings each in gold, silver, black and white to enhance all of your DIY scrapbooking and craft projects.
  • These cardmaking starter sets are the perfect ready-to-use embellishment for greeting cards, cards with positive inspirational words, kids' crafts project, home decoration, scrapbooking projects, and more. Use on candles and glass or as nail art.
  • Good design: these various theme decorative stickers are featuring different styles, such as palm leaf, flamingo, flower, tree, plant, butterfly, whale, ice cream, will be your delicate decoration choice
  • What you will get: come with 640 stickers in 16 packages, each sticker is 1.2-2.8 inches in size
  • Adorable present: these aesthetic watercolor stickers are practical gifts to your family members, relatives, colleagues, classmates, lover, friends and others, to enjoy the fun of self-decorating projects
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our stickers support money back or replacement service.If you're not satisfied with these stickers or any questions with them, please contact us freely.
  • Application: Scrapbooking, gifts, DIY Greeting card,Gift packaging, photos, laptop, planner, calendar, windows.
  • Designed: A big series of original designed great words sweet words stickers without repeat, unique vintage design, great for scrapbook decoration.
  • BEAUTIFUL, AESTHETIC STICKERS - These planner stickers feature the stars and planets that are detailed in gold foil. Try them out for yourself and you will be surprised at just what a decorative impact a small piece of sticker can make!
  • GOLD FOIL STICKERS - Each pack comes with 60 pieces gold foil washi stickers, including watercolor sky, moon, stars, piano, planets and more designs!
  • SIZE & QUANTITY - You will get 60 pieces stickers (20 different designs, 3 pieces/each). Size of the stickers vary from 5 to 12 cm.

Experts say how to choose the Sticker making machine

Experts say you need to know what to look for when buying the product. What does the best product mean to you? Is this the most expensive? The one with the highest ratings on Amazon or Google Shopping? Or maybe it's just based on personal preference and not other factors. Whatever your criteria, there are many things to consider before making a decision. In this article, we'll cover some of these topics, so you can be sure you're choosing the perfect product for you or someone else!

So here are some questions to ask yourself: How long do I intend to use this item? Do I need something durable, or is aer option good enough? What features am I looking for in my purchase?


1. Check the price of the Sticker making machine 

You are about to embark on a journey to find the right product for your needs. You may be looking at this part because you have been given a budget, or you are trying to find products that meet certain specifications.

Either way, shopping smart and getting the most out of your dollar is essential! To help you do that, we've compiled a list of some great products that will work well in any home environment!

As people who enjoy shopping online as much as anyone else, we know how difficult it can sometimes be when there are so many options and not enough time in the day. . That's why we've taken our favorite finds from all the different categories and collected them in one place for easy browsing!

You know that feeling when you go to the store and buy an expensive item, only to find its on sale at another store for a much lower price? We all have. This can be frustrating, but also make us feel like we made a mistake in our buying decision.

But more than just sticker shock could be happening: studies show that people are less likely to spend time or mental effort thinking about things they don't want (or have already). So if you wanted something and saw it was 20% off, maybe you should reconsider buying it now before someone else has the same idea! This is great news because with this knowledge, you could save money by not wasting time looking for deals elsewhere.


2. Read reviews to see how satisfied other customers are with the Sticker making machine

If you are looking for a product that offers the best value for money, it is essential to read the opinions of other customers on Facebook or Reddit. You can find out what they think of the product and whether it is worth buying or not.

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It also saves you time when shopping online because you don't have to scroll through all the pages to see how happy people are with different products.

The decision to purchase the product is never taken in isolation. It is influenced by factors such as personal preferences, peer pressure and advertising campaigns which can make or break the sale.

One of the most influential (and least discussed) influences on your purchasing decisions are the reviews written by other customers who have already purchased or vouchers have left voluntarily due to their satisfaction with the product, or the bad ones are eliminated after suffering an unpleasant experience.

If you want to be sure to make an informed purchase decision, do some research before buying a product online, so you know what other people think!


3. Read more about the warranty and return policy

3.1. Warranty policy

If you want to purchase the product, it is essential that you consider the warranty before purchasing. The company will stand behind its product and offer a warranty for defects in workmanship or materials.

If anything happens within that time, they can repair or replace your purchase at no cost to you!

Here are some other things that might be helpful:

• Ask if there is a warranty on the product when shopping.

• Check where the guarantees are because not all stores offer them in the same place. It is easier for consumers if they are available throughout the store.

• Be sure to read all warranty information carefully before purchasing an item, as it varies from retailer to retailer and even manufacturer to manufacturer, so don't take anything for granted!

Please consider the warranty before purchasing if you are looking for the product or want to upgrade your old one. At a time when products are constantly being released and updated, there is no guarantee that they will be in production next year.

A good warranty can give you peace of mind when shopping because if something goes wrong with your device within a certain time from the date of purchase, you will receive a replacement without having to pay more money for another model. We hope this information helps you make informed warranties decisions!

3.2. Return policy

As a buyer, you want to make the best purchase possible. While it's easy to buy without considering other factors, you'll be happier if you think through all your options before you commit.

This section will provide you with information on what buyers consider when purchasing an item and how they can protect themselves, so they don't get what they pay for.

Product is one thing, but a great return policy can mean the difference between a customer buying and never coming back, or becoming an evangelist for your business.

For example, if you buy from company A without refund for products damaged in transit, you may be reluctant to order again because of what happened last time. But if Company B offers free replacement shipping when they find shipping damage (in addition to refunds), you may feel more anxious to shop with them next time. Be sure to consider this before committing to a company's best-selling item!


We have all been there. It would help if you have the product, but don't know which one is best for what you want to do or who it will be used by.

This blog post discusses the importance of understanding your customers' thoughts and applying that knowledge to finding the right online products for them.


If none of these suggestions helped you choose the perfect product, contact us today, so our team can help!


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